Sound & vision out of synchronisation

Recently I found MP4 videos on my Passport External Hard Drive have gone out of synchronisation.

I have checked codecs with GSpot for MP4 and used RealPlayer but the problem persists.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Does anyone know how I can put right the corrupted MP4 videos?


Try using a different player like VLC

Thanks for the VLC Player Idea, I have already done this and a couple of other MP4 players with the same outcome.

I have updated codecs and checked for virus etc to no avail.

I am begining to think it is within the WD Pasport system not handling MP4 for some reason. I suspect this because I have tried the WD pasport on another compter with the same outcome.

I am awaiting some WD Tech guy to reply, his having evaluated the videos I posted to WD. I hope they reply, and have an answer.