Sound still playing in the Menu, Cant stop, Got to reboot

A few time when im listening to a movie in MKV and i press PAUSE button, a kind of warning appear cannot play or find the file i dont remember exactly, then return to the Folder menu i was in and Play the sound of the movie where i left in  the background. Then if i press to see the movie again during the sound that i hear, the cursor is spinning in the center, i can’t stop it. Got to Reboot the WDTV

It happens a few time in a week

Im connect Via my linksys A6500 Router to Qnap L269, 6 Tera Hard Drive

Whats wrong with my WDTV?

Seen this this bug occasionally some firmwares ago. Hasn’t hapened so far on the latest firmware.

I got the Streaming Version, wrong channel i guess

Got Version 2.02.32