Sound Problem

I have connected my Sony Bravia TV through HDMI 1.3c cable and my sound system (normal Sony CD player 1000Watt PMPO) through analog composite cable. The problem is that when I open sound of both my TV and sound system I hear echo in voice (which means that there is a slight time delay in processing of both voices).

Can anyone suggest solution for this problem.


Turn one of them off!

Thanks. But this is no solution to my problem :cry:

What you’re describing is VERY normal.   

The audio of Analog is almost instantaneous output.

The DIGITAL must be received, interpreted, processed, etc before being output, and takes more time.

This is no bug.

Out of curiousity, why do you need both analog and digital output simultaneously?

I want them both to have better sound quality as TV speakers are not good enough (small 5 watts each). Anyway thanks, I have solved the problem today by taking the output from TV to my music system. This eliminates the Echo and gives theatre like sound from six speakers (2 TV + 4 music System).


Good to see you sorted it. However I still don’t understand your problem. You have 4 speakers with 1000Watt PMPO and you add 2 more at 5 watt and this actually makes a difference.