Sound just stopping working

The sound on my WD Live TV (latest firmware) is flakey. Most times when I start watching a moive there is no sound and I have to make a change to the audio settings…it doesn’t matter what I change, just as long as the handshaking starts again…then I will get sound.

Now lately the sound has been out of sync with the video and turning the device on and off has fixed this problem, but the last time I did this the sound won’t come back.  I’ve tried every setting I can think of and no sound.  I have even tired the composite cables and no sound still ( I normally use the HDMI cable).

I’ve had the device about 6 months now.  Any ideas on how to fix it?


I have a similar issue, I have a few MKV file that playsthe video fine but no there is no sound, Yet other MKV files i have play with sound. I’m confused! Any help wou;e be great, thanks

DITTO… i was worried it was the new TV i bought the same time i bought the WDlive…

Also i use mostly on netflix and cuts out the most.