Sound Issue : should I try with fiber optic?

Hi WDTV community,

I use my unit (gen 2) for viewing movies recorded from the air with an ATSC (digital TV) card on my PC. The file type produced by the TV card are “TS”, files that I later transfer on a USB disk.

The WDTV is connected the HDTV (Samsung 42")  using the DHMI output. The sound is routed from the TV to an amplifier using a Fiber Optic cable. When the amplifier is set to PRO LOGIC the sound from the WDTV unit is performing on all 5.1 speaker, with the WDTV audio set to “STEREO” (other settings do not produce sound). I would like to get the porper Dolby Digital of DTS when the case apply on my recordings.

My question :  Should I connect my amplifier directy on the WDTV’s optical output to achieve this objective ? --In wich case I will need to install an optical switch, since my amplifier provides only one Optical input.

Thank you

Did you ever work around this issue?