Sound Gone

All sound suddenly gone. Was having trouble getting the system to accept changes to the time zone so preformed a system restart(which fixed the issue with no changes being accepted). After that no video or music files played with sound. All services - you tube / flixster etc, also have no sound. Have tried a system restart again and also changed all sound settings to no avail. Any suggestions? Have the latest firmware installed.

I would suspect something on the amplifier or cables feeding it.  Can you set your amp for radio and hear any sound?  If the amp plays radio o.k. I would go back to the WD Hub menus and look closely at the audio/video output settings.

You may have done a system RESET not RESTART.  Remember to change back everything you set up if you did a factory RESET.  …  I know, they sound so much alike I almost hit reset at times too …

How is your player connected? HDMI with TV sound, optical, AV output - how?