Sound from HDMI and video from A/V Possible?

I just bought the WD TV Live and I LOVE IT !!! It does everything I expected but I would like to know how to setup my equipment. I have an LCD TV, a Home Theatre and a projector. Sometimes I would like to connect the video out to the projector while having the sound from my Home theatre and keep the 5.1  sound from my media. I tried it with an other brand using the HDMI connected to the home theatre and the video connected from the unit with the A/V out and it worked. Is there a way to do it with the WD TV LIVE ? I hope so. That would be the only feature that I would miss from the WD TV LIVE. Thanks for your help.

Well another thing you can try is to connect the HDMI cable to the Home Theater and then connect the Home Theater HDMI output to the projector, if it support that type of connection of course. Another option would be to connect the optical cable output from the WDTV to the home theater for audio and the HDMI cable to the TV for video.

Found my answer. That unit is awesome !!! Just plug the output from the composite since my projector don’t have hdmi input and let the hdmi go through the home theatre. IT WORKS ! IT ROCKS ! I love WD TV LIVE.


They only real thing I’m missing now is to figure out how to put favorites and using the dashboard. Any idea ?