Sound bar rec?

I recently purchased a wdtv live hub and this community has helped me a lot with little bumps in the road so far. S I thought I would ask if any one out there has recommendations for a sound bar that plays nicely with the hub.
I currently have the hub connected to my samsung tv by hdmi. I have a separate pair of computer speakers connected to an airport express. I sometimes play music from the hub through my computer to the airport express speakers.
I was hoping to find a better sound solution that would allow for my music to sound better and to sometimes use for watching movies. Perhaps a sound bar with multiple audio inputs would be a good option. That way the tv can be directly connected to it and the airport express as well. Or I could connect the hub directly to it if that would work for playing music directly without going through my computer.
I used to have a little logitech pure-fi system but it was stolen in my recent move by horrible movers. Not sure if something like that, a hi-fi system, monitor speakers, or a sound bar would be the best low-cost option. No way the wife wants a receiver and speakers, especially with a toddler running around.
Any recs would be great.

I’d like to know as well!