two day ago there was a power failure. when i came home the other day i found mycloud not ready for wifi connection. i made a reboot with no luck ,after that i make i quick reset, only for codes , but from the and on when i get to the wdmycloud.local with my i pad i get a message to put username and password. I tried everything but no luck.
how can i get in connection again. thnks for your time

How are you connecting your MyCloud via wifi?  Are you sure it isn’t your router that is asking for a username password after the power failure?

Do a reset.   When the front LED is blue, press the reset button for 4 seconds.

This will reset the passwords to the factory defaults.

what do you mean my router is asking me. where can i find thid username and password for my router. thnx

i did that and yet asking for username and password in the dashboard

Don’t use the dashboard.

Use the web login.  And then create admin account.  Then you can use dashboard.

the problem is that i cant open the web page to login. it doesnt open from my explorer. it must be the router…

So you type

http://mycloudnas.local  (Or whatever name you gave it.local)

and it takes you to your router?

Well only the reset with the power off, after pressing the reset button for over 40 sec and not 4 , gave me the free , with no passport, login and after that I start make again new users. All the data is ok. Thanks for your time