SOS my cloud home duo stuck "upgrading" and not sure what to do


I have My Cloud Duo, it has been working great until 3 days ago I could not access to it, I went to and I got this message


We have made some improvements to My Cloud Home. As part of this process your device is:

Completely rebuilding and improving how your content is stored
Performing a series of reboots, pleas do not un plug

This may take a while"

It s been 3 days and nothing, I still cannot access to my data.

Any suggestions or anybody has experienced something similar?



Hi @jrierac,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

same problem

do you have it solve?

Still not, went through support and this is what I was told

Based on your query, please allow me to inform you that might be raid is rebuilding, it take time to rebuild. Moreover, if the issue is still persist please share the screenshot of the error that you are facing.

I replied to them to see how long does it normally take, because it has been like that for around 5 days already??

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Have you got any answer? Mine is updating since today and i need some datas…

Still waiting, I sent them a log file and they are still looking at it, it is taking forever unfortuantely, hopefully they will find a fix.

Okay, hope they will fix it…

Dear Manuel, Hope the issue is solved by now. I am also in the same problem since June 20, 2022. Lost two days its not at all responding. Showing only message that “Upgrading…updating your My cloud home. please do not unplug your device from power.”. I don’t know what to do…

Did you get any answers yet? Please share it with us, if you get something from them.

After I sended them Log-Files i got the following Answers from the Support:

Dear Mr. …,
Thank you for your patience.
After a thorough examination of your support case, we would like to confirm that the device is defective. Both hard drives failed.
We regret the loss of data.
Since there is important data on the device, we would recommend that you attempt data recovery from a specialized data recovery company.
Please consult the following article:
My Cloud Home: Data Recovery My Cloud Home: Data Recovery

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Alexandra L
Western Digital Customer Service and Support

Now i have to pay for a data recovery, because WD delivered a broken Update to my MyCloud Home. I don’t even want to know, how much this Data Recovery would cost, I definitely won’t do that.
I will never buy something from this Crappy Company!