SOS - Access Problem on Duo

I have a problem to use WD Discovery to access the files of my MyCloud Home Duo in RAID 1 mode (20TB Version). Installation is correct and it worked for several years but now the Cloud is not mounting anymore. I do see the „partition“ for timecapsule but not the public part with all my files.
I still can access to all my data via App and Webbrowser but it is not possible there to download more than 50 files at once and it would take years to get all.

Is it possible to connect one of the 2 drives via USB to SATA converter to a laptop to download the whole files or are they encrypted?

Which converter do I need? Does it need a separate power supply (12V). What would you recommend?

I use a Macbook pro and I think this would be the right software: Write/read access to Linux files under macOS High Sierra - extFS by paragon software for Mac

Are the files encrypted after mounting with paragon?

Or is there another way to get all the files downloaded without selecting each one separately and loading in separate steps?

I really need your help, WD Support can‘t.
Thanks, Markus

Hi @NordMarkus,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi @Keerti_01
I already had contact to WD Support many times and they can’t help. They only say, it’s bad and I have to replace the device and loose all my files. That’s not an option for sure.