Sorting question - new user

I just got my new WD TV Live Streaming Media Player hooked up and I have a very nit-picky question:  when sorting my personal video files, how do you get the player to ignore ‘The’ in titles?  I love that it gets the movie content info for me, but, for example, I want The Boondock Saints to be in the Bs, not the Ts.  If I cange the file name to “Boondock Saints, The” there is no info for it.

Is there a setting I missed or am I the only one who cares about this?

The only way to do that is to re-title the movie in the XML file… something like

Boondock Saints, The

No, you’re not the only one who wished this were possible.

I wrote a batch that will remove all titles starting with the word ‘The’. It does not recurse or ‘drill’ into subfolders. I made it like this on purpose, but could change that :slight_smile:

This modifys the xml file just so you are aware…


The Blues Brothers

run the Batch

Blues Brothers

after running batch you should rescan the content from the root folder using the option key on the remote and then rescan

I also wrote a batch to rename the moviefile.avi to be the same as the folder that its in.


Folder: Black Hawk Down

File in that folder: Black_Hawk_down_264.avi

run the batch

Folder: Black Hawk Down

File in that folder: Black Hawk Down.avi

TonyPH, my batch can do what you wish… just say the word.

In my personal batch, I actually put the date of the movie in the title tag.


Star Wars (1979)

Star Wars 2 (1981)

blah blah

If you want to change it back, all a person has to do is remove info and then rescan info.