Sorting Problem

I have a bunch of files, probably about 100 or so, that I want to be sorted alphabetically.  I assumed that if I numbered the files that the file numbered “2” would go second.  Instead “11” is second.  I don’t need the description of the files in the name.  But can someone give me a way I can name my files so that they can go in order properly?

Also how can I create new folders in the internal storage?

Try putting a zero in front of the number…  01 instead of 1

Unfortunately didn’t help.  The file I wanted to be played second was way down the list.  Any other possible suggestions?

Check your FILTER settings (Green Button) to make sure it’s sorting by name.

Also, if your files are numbered like this:




up to  100, then you will need to name your files likes this:




096, up to the 100, this will make the hub read the movies in order. I have a folder with movies named from 1 to 200, after I rename then, they were sorted correctly by the WD TV Live Hub…

Well I’m disappointed to say that adding two zeros at the beginning didnt help.  I’m sorting alphabetically by the way.  I’m a bit perplexed as to what to do now.


This is weird… I will double check, but it did work for me…

If you can, take a digital photo if your display and post it to something like ImageShack or somewhere so we can see what you’re talking about.

Surely, you’re doing SOMETHING incorrectly, because noone else here has issues with incorrect sorting…

Fyi I tried sorting alphabetically both up and down.

They’re sorted right!! You still did ot NAME them correctly. The number of digits must be the same for all names! Your first one has THREE digits, the rest have FOUR. So either add ANOTHER zero to the first filename, or REMOVE a zero from all the others.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh.  I feel like such a dope.  Thanks for the tip.  Fixed the problem perfectly.  Kudos to the whole board in general for their quick responses. 

One more thing, is there anything that can be done in terms of fan noise.  Granted its not loud at all.  I was just curious if anyone had little methods they utilized to make it even less prevelant.