Sorting of TV series

Hi All,

Right now TV series are sorted based on its metadata episode name. This way I can’t see which episode was 1th, 2nd etc.

Is there a way to sort the files based on their filenames?

Use the TV Show filter.

Thank you for your reply. Where can i find the TV Show Filer?

edit: i found it but now it doesnt see any media-files in my TV dirs.

If that’s the case, then the metadata is incorrect. How did you “scrape” the info for the TV shows?

A tool called wdtvscraper. It creates 2 files:  a file.xml and a file file.metathumb for every mediafile and a file called aaaa-series-cover.metathumb.

I have them organised bij season dirs

Kind regards

Yeah, it probably doesn’t format the XML correctly for TV Shows.

Where can i find documentation about WDTV and its xml?