Sorting of songs within an album

Is there a way to configure the player to assure that when i play a cd that i have ripped to my media storage that all of the songs are played in the same order that they appear on the cd?



You could create a playlist or just start the song names with the track number, just remember track 1 will need to be 01 and 2 02 ect.

by ‘playlist’ do you mean creating a new folder in the name of the albun then sorting the songs within that new folder?  I tried that and unless the song is tagged with a number corresponding with the placement of that song within the album they continue to be sorted in alphabetical order?

or does making a ‘playlist’ require other actions?



By “playlist” I mean a file which the WD can read and play the songs in the order that file lists them, I use a free program called   Playlist Creater  to create the files and I save them into the same folder as the album songs, then with the WD you select the playlist file to play an album and not the actual songs.


Thanks very much will give it a try tonight!


ok gave it a try…works like a charm…thanks!