Sorting music by artist/album

I think im being an ■■■■■ and there is a simple solution to this which i am just not seeing, i hope so anyway… 

Is it possible to sort music so that you see artists and when you go into them you see albums and in again you see tracks. 

As in, when you sort by album you go into an album and it has the tracks in order so you can play the album. When i have it by artist and i go into one i get, 

Track 1 from album x

Track 1 from album y

Track 2 from album x

etc. I cant belive this is the only way to view music by artist… 



Change it to filter by folder.  If you have your folder structure like this:

Artist (folder)

   Album (folder)

       Track 1

       Track 2


Then this is the way you will see them.

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While its not ideal as i have music on different places its certainly better than the alternative. Thanks for the tip.