Sort Order for Movies

Hi folks. I am curious about how to get the movies in my folders to sort properly. I have the sort order set properly. That’s not what I mean. Let me give you an example: I have the movies ‘Cars’ and ‘Cars 2’. In the movie list that displays, Cars 2 sorts before Cars. Not sure why but that’s the way its working.

I know I can go into the XML for each movie and change the title for the movie but it looks kind of goofy having to look at a title called ‘Cars 1’ instead of just Cars.

Is there some way I can affect the sort order that won’t actually change the displayed names that I see in my movie lists??


I have also problems with the sort order. For me the best solution is a alphabetical FILENAME sort order like WD TV Live 1 and 2. There are many parameters in WD TV Live SMP (3) but I don’t find for file name. The WDTV is beginning sorted by file name, then the official name of the movie downloaded and the sorting problem is there

Perhaps in a future release?