Sort in genre and installing themes

Hi Sorry if it has been asked before, but i have searched the forum, and not gotten any answere working for me, so hope you will help me.

I have copied all my movies to the hub, in folders like action, thriller etc. but when i want to watch movies on the wd, it is just blended together all the genres. How can i sort them in genre, so my son could pick cartoons for an exampel?

I have tried to install some themes on the hub but it only shows black screen when i try to use it. 

I have installed the theme as an zip in the theme folder.



i found out my self. the theme should not be a zip. i beliveed it should bc the the i downloaded was a zip in a zip.

the genre sorting was some work with my folderstructure.

But could one jump directly in to the wdtvlivehub folder instead of clicking into that one?