Sort images by date and time when uploading from mobile devices

When uploading images from mobile devices today they are uploaded in random order and given a new name. I would suggest, that the images are uploaded sorted by date and time. When showing images to friend and family it is a better experience that the images is shown sorted by date and time. Hollyday images are much more fun to watch sorted.


No matter how I copy, cut, drag/drop and or past my pictures into MyCloud it makes hte datethe current day since the only field is “Modified Date” I need to be abble to auto-arrange the pictures by date taken please add this column / ability.

Example picture name taken from my iPhone 5, the first numbers are the date backwards so the Meta Data is there


I’ve found that when I upload from the Android, they’ve got the original file name; which is generally sequential. However, it’s when I use the iPod they seem to get new names. 

There is also the issue that dates, for the iPOd ones, seem to get re-set to, as others have said, the upload, rather than the taken time. 

I just bought the My Cloud storage device and expected the uploads from my Apple devices will retain the original file name and date stamp for organization purposes. I am disappointed that the software is not working that way and hoping the next software release will provide an option to do so.

Thanks !


I take most of my pictures with an SLR camera. It gives the pictures a date stamp. I would like to store the pictures in folder, where the pictures in the folder is taken around the same date, and then sort the folders by the capture date of e.g. the oldest or the newest picture in the folder (since the pictures in the folder are taken around the same time, it does not matter which of the pictures are used for sorting.

this is very similar to what is possible in iPhoto, where you can group pictures in “events” . The events can be exported into folder easily. Since iPhoto cannot operate over a network, I want to use the WD MyCloud to share pictures with the rest of the family.