Sort by date /name or /size

Hi So been poring over others, and i seems to think that you can not view your files on your ex4 by name, Date,or size.
You can see the 3 ways it seems to organize your files using (
Is that really right? You can not sort your files? is there another way to access ones files? So if i sent a link to someone they can just put the files in order of date uploaded, Or if they know file name to switch it to name. Just like you would do with any hard drive. This is just mind boggling. Thanks so much for any help that you can shine on this for me.

Sincerely, Kilbitzer


You can use the WD My Cloud desktop app to view your files and it will allow you to sort the files by name, size and date.

Links to app:

Thanks I’m still playing with that it does seem to work even when I’m not on the network. (glad about that). Have yet to try to see if it works for other users. Just wanted to respond to you, too let you know i gotten this and am still working with/0n just got too busy to deal with ATM.