Soooo Slow - My Book World Edition 1TB

I’ve had a MBWE 1TB drive connected to my home network for some time, and it’s never really been fast. Today when I tried to clear some space out off of it (32 gb), it took 5 HOURS to delete the files. This can’t be how it’s supposed to work.

The hd is connected with an ethernet cable to my wireless router, and I connect wirelessly to the router through my laptop. Everything was brand new and top of the line when I purchased it 2 years ago. The router is a Cisco Linksys WRT610n.

I’m wondering if it’s an issue with a setting or something somewhere. It should take that long to delete files.

Check if the link below helps.

I have no answer for you because I am suffering from a similar issue, though am far worse off than you are. I have been deleting approximately 500GB for the past 2 weeks.