Sony Vaio VGN-NS120FH - Hard Disk WD5000LPVX

replace the hard disk of my notebook Sony VAIO VGN-NS120FH for WD5000LPVX 2.5 “, but installing Windows 7, can not make partitions and returns an error” Unable to partition, the controller of this equipment does not support this disk "
Any solution about it.?
It is a SATA drive and has to Notebook SATA controller.


Are you using a retail Microsoft Windows 7 installation disc, or are you using a recovery disc supplied by Sony (Bundled with the computer itself)? If this is the case then it may not work with a brand new disk drive as it would not have a dedicated OEM partition for recovery purposes, and you would need a retail Microsoft Windows installation disc.

Hi just to chime in. When you run the recovery media supplied by HP or Acer, Sony it first partitions the drive then installs the recovery partition once that is done setup continues from that recovery partition. So using a new drive all that would happen is it would format the drive recreate the recovery partition and continue the setup.