Sony Vaio laptop does not see 2nd My Book external

Can someone please help me?? I purchased a 2nd My Book 3T USB3.0+2.0 and my new laptop only recognizes one EHD at a time.:womansad:

I am a graphics design student and I wanted to move my school and design project to the 2nd My Book.

But for some reason, my laptop only sees one of the EHD’s at a time, if they are both hooked up to the laptop it only lists one.

I have hooked them up one at a time and they are both working.

I cannot move files between the 2 drives,  the one I purchased in January was my first WD and I love it, that’s why I made the decision to buy the 2nd My Book since Best Buy had them on sale this week.

Is there something I need to do to get my laptrop to recognize the 2nd My Book.

I would be most grateful for any help anyone can offer me.:wink:


It should be simple. Go into Disk Management and it may need a letter assigned. While in there scroll down to the bar of the drive and see if it is online. To put online move over to left where it says Disk 1 or whatever and right cllck and put it online.


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Thank you for your help, I went to Disk Management and my 2nd drive was offline, I right clicked and now it is visible and working.  I clicked on the kudos star but don’t know if it registered??? lol

You were most kind to help.