Sony TV can't see MBLD

Tried everything but our Sony TV (HX803U) just can’t see the MBLD on the network.

Every other device connected to the wireless network can see the MBLD (iphone,ipad,Mac, PC, ipod).

The TV is connected to the network - the router can see it and can see the ip address etc…

The TV can access the Internet and can also see the Serviio server running on the PC.

Any one else out there with a Sony TV who has had a similar issue?

Can anyone offer any advice?

I’m a Software Engineer for 15 years, so be as techy as you like.


You can try updating the TV and My book firmware.

Have you tried connecting the TV using a network cable? I have the HX800 (revision update 4.112AAT)  connected to the home network via WiFi and it sees the MBLD most of the time. Also had the MBL which the TV saw 100% of the time until it died. After using both drives I can say that the MBLD is far less stable.