Sony SXRD TVs and HDMI

Has anyone in this community been able to get HDMI to work on ANY Sony SXRD projection TVs? I’m starting to think that this TV just won’t work with HDMI, no matter what.

The TV is pretty old, about 4 1/2 years old, maybe up to 6 years old.

If I can only use component and do 1080i or 720p, I think I’ll be okay, but it just stinks that this 1080p doesn’t get the benefit of full 1920x1080 media I’m trying to send it.

I consider it would be best to obtain a direct response from Sony in regards to HDMI support (And limitations) or your TV.

What would they tell me? HDMI works fine via a Sony upscaling DVD player I have plugged in. I also moved the port and cable on that DVD player to make sure it wasn’t one of those things.

Oh well. For now, I guess I do component with 720p or 1080i. Not sure which is better, but I switched to 720p from 1080i.

Most digital TV’s are built with all the international frequencies and resolutions; some of which will not work depending on your locality. I had a similar problem with a Sony bluray player not frequency locking to a Samsung plasma TV. I would check your manual for a list of digital frequencies and resolutions. In my case I played around with both frequencies and resolutions until they locked. You will need to use a compositive video cable so you can monitor the setup on both the WDTV box and your Sony TV.