Hey people,
I’m new to AV received and I’ve just purchased the STRDH820 from Sony. I’m having problems getting it to work with my WD TV SMP device.
The WDTV has the following options under audio:
Pass through via Optical connection
Pass through via HDMI Connection
I’ve selected pass through via HDMI connection but the AV keeps losing audio.
If I “clear” the AV system to wipe all settings the audio will come back. As soon as everything is shut down and then started again later there is no audio again.
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of setup and could offer some advice.

You may try resetting the SMP, by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  If you connect the SMP directly to the TV, do you have the same issue? Have you tried with another receiver / HDMI cable?

I had this issue, it was the HDMI audio creating an issue, change your settings on the amp to ‘Amp Only’ not ‘amp and tv’

for the sound pass through, it is on one of the amps settings, I will look later when I am at home if you cant find it. Took me ages to find the problem at first. This will definitly sort it.