Sony KLV40R452A not Detetcing WD My passport 1 TB

Hello Experts,

My new sony TV KLV40R452A (Product Release for Middle East and ASIA) does not detect WD My passport 1 TB disk.

NTFS is default file system disk comes with since it was not working I have tried re formatted the disk with FAT32 and exFAT but this also did not work.

However other 1 TB capacity disk like Seagate and Buffalo Ministation are easily getting detected and I can play all music and video files from the disk.

Please let me know why WD My passport having issue with Sony bravia TV.




Most TV’s will recognize the external drive only if it is formatted as FAT32. I know you mentioned you already tried it, but I will recommend that you try to formatted to FAT32 using another formatting software and trying on the TV again.