Sony KDL-48W585B

Can anyone help please.

I can get my TV to see MyBookLive via my network but the TV will not display any of the contents. All I get is an error ‘could not receive the content list’. I have tried evrything and it is now doing my head in!

Any help and/or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

What media server does your My Book Live have ? Also i would like to know if you have the latest firmware update installed on the unit 

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Thank you ArMak.

The firmware is up to date, last updated 30.01.15

The server, as far as I can tell, is a generic DLNA Media Server that shipped with the unit. I have read elsewhere that the server that used to be installed was the ‘Twonky Server’ but it doesn’t seem to be that.

I have ensured that the media server is enabled in the settings menu and it certainly sees my media player (Bravia KDL-48W585B) under the ‘players’ button.

The TV sees the ‘MyBookLive’ but will not list the contents.

I have got DivX to work but that is not ideal as I have to have my laptop on for to be continuously visible to the TV which is exactly what I don’t want!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.