Sony Bravia + ShareSpace = No Video & iTunes server issue

Hi all,

Firstly, I currently store all my media in iTunes.

As a result, i am forced to use a mp4 format for my videos. Thats fine, its a decent format.

However, whilst i can plug a USB stick into my Bravia with an mp4 movie on it, my TV will NOT even recognise mp4 files that i have placed in the network share folder on my ShareSpace.

What can I do?

My second request…

I wish to change my iTunes server location from ‘Public/Shared Music’ to ‘Music’.

Im assuming iTunes wont show anything except Music.

Thanks for anyones help, i have tried looking around for this kinda thing and i did find the code to change twonky default drives away from the ‘public’ bit, just not for iTunes as well.

I would suggest that all file locations should be completely editable in the next firmware update if possible. Thanks again.

Here is the answer to your second question take a look at this link,244


didnt answer my question…

thanks though.

i dont want to use the public folder!