Sony Bravia Issues

I have a 4TB My Cloud, I also have a new Sony Bravia 4K TV which has replaced a Hisense 4K TV, the Hisense would stream video from the MyCloud with no issues at all, the Sony recognises the drive as a home network and will access the index and all files, however. when I choose to play a video file the first 20 seconds or so will play perfectly and then stop, both the TV and the My Cloud are running the latest firmware and the Wifi signal is strong and fast.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you contacted Sony support to inquire about your problem?

If the Sony TV is accessing the My Cloud using DLNA then you may have to check the Twonky settings (Settings > Sharing > Media Receivers > Show) of your My Cloud device to see what Media Receiver is selected for your Sony Bravia.

One can typically access the Twonky media server in their web browser by:
http://your My Cloud name:9000
http://your My Cloud IP address:9000

Further WD Support documents:

And the unofficial Twonky FAQ may also have further information.

@thepainter I have a Sony Bravia 75 inch 4KUHD and have not had any problems playing videos or music on it. Have you checked all the settings on your TV? Here is a link to the community and you can ask questions about your TV there.

I have two My Clouds, a first and a second generation.

Below is an image of what is set up for sharing on my My clouds. The two highlighted in yellow are for my TV. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I too have a 4TB MyCloud and a 4K Sony Bravia smartTV. I’m having the same issue only I’m able to stream my videos approximately 10 min and then the video locks up. Can’t go forwards or backwards or even restart. I checked the Sony community and there’re no logged issues there when streaming from a MyCloud. Funny thing is the same videos steam just fine from my 3 Samsung smartTVs. No issues. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this issue?

Did you check the Media Receiver Type in the Twonky Administration interface as indicated in cat0w post right before your post?