Sonos Unable to Play M4A File Stored on My Cloud Home

I’ve owned a My Cloud Home for approximately 6 months wired directly into my router. It is used to back up 2 laptops, 2 iPhones, 1 Android phone and 2 iPads. I also have 3 Sonos speakers connected wireless to the router. The Sonos played music off My Cloud Home until about 2 weeks ago.

Now, the Sonos will play MP3 files off My Cloud Home, but not M4A (Apple iTunes format). My M4A files are a mix of purchased music and music converted from CD. I have been working with Sonos for the past 2 weeks: I updated all of my software (Sonos & iTunes on all devices) and learned that Sonos will play M4A off my iPhone. Sonos believes the issue with the My Cloud Home and its interface to Sonos (as my Sonos will play M4A off any other device).

Is there a known issue with playing M4A format music off My Cloud Home? If so, how can this be remedied? Any insight is appreciated.

@KWGilbert we are working with Sonos to resolve the issue reported issue

@SBrown: Thank you very much for the response. I filed Support Case #110918-13375007 tonight for this issue. I look forward to information to help me resolve it.

@SBrown: I wanted to share my latest update in resolving this issue.

Level 1: I spoke to Daniel on 11/15 who went through 30 minutes of diagnostics. This issue is out of his realm, so he referred me to Level 2 Support.

Level 2: I spoke to Neil on 11/16 for another 30 minutes. Neil shared with me that the M4A file (Apple iTunes format) is not supported by the MyCloud Home. He referred me to WD Support Document 20685. However, knowing this is an issue for many users, he elevated it Level 3 support. He stated I should have a response from Level 3 in 1-2 business days.

I am looking forward to the resolution of this issue, as I purchased this piece of equipment mainly to serve as storage for my extensive collection of music. Any assistance that you can lend to get this resolved is greatly appreciated.

@SBrown add one more to the list of affected users please.
@KWGilbert thanks for the update. I have exactly the same issue

Should be fixed now.
Please let us know ir you have any issues

Yay - yes it seems to be all sorted now :grinning:

@SBrown: I am now able to play M4A files from My Cloud Home. Thank you very much for your strong support!

@SBrown - I’m having the same issue. My Cloud Home won’t play M4A files through Sonos yet Sonos will play those exact same files if stored in a different location. What is the fix to allow My Cloud Home to play those files?