Sonos and My Cloud Home

I’ve just started using the My Cloud service with Sonos.

Enjoying it- tracks appear immediately on first connection but I’ve come up with a number of issues:

Genres- In Sonos, I’m getting a few weird genres, such as numbers 10, 24, 32, 33, 4, 42, 52, 77. When I look at the original file in Windows Explorer, they all appear correctly as their tag name, such as Classical, Instrumental.
Also I have anumber of genres where the tag name appears duplicated- ClassicalClassical, ComedyComedy, etc. Again the tags appear correctly.
I’ve tried overwriting the tags but they never up date.

I also found this with changing other tags on a number of tracks. I changed the album title, but it doesn’t update. The only way I could get them to show correclty was delete all of the tracks and reimport them from the original CD. And then wait six hours for the refresh!

My other issue is with albums where an artist performs with another artist, but not on a compilation. An example is Paul McCartney’s Tug of War. I set up my original library on iTunes and used the tags on there. So iTunes groups on Album Artist and Artist is secondary, if the album artist does something like a duet. So Tug of War has few tracks where Paul McCartney duets with Stevie Wonder and Carl Perkins. In MyCloud/Sonos they appear as separate artists, and if you search by album, they come up as three albums.

You may need to contact Sonos Support regarding their API.
The My Cloud Home Sonos KBA doesn’t get into the API details