Sonarr, Sickrage, Nzbget, Sabnzbd for PR2100/4100

Would love to see the above apps added to the apps section of the PR series, NZBGet is supposed to be there already but isn’t currently available.

This would mean both downloads and streaming can be done by the same device removing the need for a separate download machine.


Status: Acknowledged

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I Also would love NZBGet App For the MYCloud PR4100 in app centre

I vote yes!

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Just like the message from the person and also place message that you like the program the i will become aproved

Yes please: Sonarr, Nzbget in particular!

I’ve seen nzbget in some of the screenshots but can’t see it on my app list in the control center of my PR2100 - any reason why it was removed?

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yes vote from me.

Status: In review.

I would recommend people to look here;

When I have more time I will look into writing a guide, I have installed NZBGet, Sabnzbd, PlexPy, Sonarr and Couchpotato on my PR4100 without issue and because they use docker like the official apps they basically run like virtualized containers outside of the normal operating system.

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I would love to have a step by step guide for doing this! Thanks Carnaged


i all so would like to have step by step guide

Status: In Review

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This would be fantastic Carnaged - many thanks!!

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bump! Any news yet about these apps? :grinning:

That would be really helpfull

Any updates? Or could someone release a guide if you have usenet, sonarr and couchpotato working on pr4100?

I would love a guide for NZBGET as well.

I’m looking to create installers for these programs. Stay tuned.

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NZBGet installer

More incoming.

Yes , We would love to see those