Sonarr / NZBDrone GUIDE?

Ive recently installed SickBeard on my MBL. All works fine. However, I’d like to swap over to Sonarr (NZBDrone).
Has anyone done this? Is there anything that I should be aware of? Which install instructions do you recommend?

Thanks for any advice you could give!

Hi Northcott, welcome to the WD Community. This type of modification is not supported, but let’s see if there are any other users that can share some information.  

I understand about it not being officially supported. However, I used the other (brilliant) guide posts here for installing both SABNzbd and SickBeard. So, fingers x’d someone else has managed to do this too!


Hi Northcott,

I recently used this guide to help me.  Perhaps this could be of some use to you?

this didn’t help me at all, due to the fact it was for WINDOWS and MAC and nothing in there mentioned installing it on the MYCLOUD. Any other links?

I am on a MYCLOUDEX2 and have found ZERO guides that actually get you sonarr or sickbead or Schrage