Something loose inside

I have just purchased a WD TV Live Plus.  When removing unit from it’s box and packaging I heard metallic clanking or rattle.  This doesn’t seem normal to have something rattling around inside the unit during shipping.  Should I repack and return/exchange to Best Buy or go ahead, setup and see if it works?  Tried calling support, but it’s after hours. 

Any replies are much appreciated

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So you say when you move or shake the Live unit itself (by itself, not the entire box with other things inside) you hear something rattling around inside it?  If so, return it.

If you just mean the entire box made some sort of noise when you moved it I wouldn’t worry about it – there are wires that can’t be completely immobilized, there may be packing foam that wasn’t complete molded, it’s just a non-issue (assuming everything works otherwise).  But the Live box itself shouldn’t rattle.

Nevermind, it’s going back to Best Buy.  Upon further investigation I found both the AV jack and the Y Pb Pr jack are clanking around loose inside unit.  If I was to try and plug into them they would be pushed towards interior of unit.


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Yep, it’s got to go back.

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Thanks for your reply mkelly