Some .vob files will not play well

Hello all. I am not sure if this is a firmware issue or other? I posted this in the firmware section but not sure if it is firmware related? I use DVDFAB to rip all my dvd’s to my Windows Home Server (over 270 of them) and streem them to a ps3 and 2 Wdtv Live boxes. I rip all my dvd’s to a single (1) large .vob file (usualy around 3.75-4G files) most of them work great but I have found 2 or 3 now that don’t. Finding Nemo will play untell the first shark part where bruce the shark throws the torpido at the water mines then shortly after it will freeze on one frame (same spot every time) Same with Cars the movie it will go to where they stay at the hotel and freeze same spot every time. I did try not puting them to a single .vob file and just riping the main movie to the hdd and when I play it the video will studder or “skip” a second or 2 at the same spots as before but will play through and not freeze. I think it must be where the .vob files was originaly split but only happens so far on the 2 movies all others seem to work fine, I have read there was a few people have problems with the multiple .vob files skip for sec or 2 and i did not see a fix for it. I know the files them selfs are good cuz i cam play them on the PS3 via PS3 media server ( from the home server) and all play fine without a glitch at all. :smiley:  I hope there is a fix for this… The WDTV Live is a cool unit I just hope this is a simple fix (firmware or not)? and I hope I don’t need to re-encode my whole collection :wink: …Thanks all for the help

When ripping a movie to multiple VOBs have you played them back from within a VIDEO_TS folder?

Yes If i keep the movie the way it is thet are in a VIDEO_TS folder. the program i used to put them in a single (not 4-5 like whats on the disk) is dvdfab and most of them play correctly. (I have over 270 of them and I know of 2 that have a problem) and like i sed they play on my ps3 fine so i know the files are good. I dont get how most are fine and 2 that i know of are not?? I got ahold of wd suport and they say if it is not the correct file and codec it will not play or play incorrect but all videos are done the same way so how are the other 268 movies fine??