Some VOB Files Freeze during playback

I have combined several VOB files from a DVD into one VOB using DVD Decrypter and when I select and play the combined VOB file it will freeze. If I pause the VOB file and then press play again it will continue to play for a awhile but it will freeze again and you have to repeat the process of pausing and playing. I noticed when this occurs it seems to be at a chapter point in the VOB file. The elapsed time counter resets to zero and then begins to count up after a freeze. Does anyone have suggestions on how to resolve this issue? Thanks for any help in advance.


I agree and have seen the same problems. Another issue is when trying to fast forward or reverse its stops at random times or all over. Not impressed to date with the WD Live video and audio good when its runs.

Well, I don’t think joining VOB’s is a good idea tbh. It’s always specified in most programs that can rip/edit DVD files not to create VOBs larger than 1 GB, so it must be for a reason. I guess media players that play .VOB files also expect them to be that size, and wouldn’t be surprised that problems might occur with files larger than that.

If you wanna have your DVDs in just one file, simply rip them to a .ISO file with DVD Decrypter or ImbBurn. Or if you don’t wanna keep all the files in the DVD like extras etc… just load the DVD in a program like DVDShrink for example, and you can just put the main title there and put it in a .ISO file.

I have tried VOB files and I played them from the folders option but they had momentary pauses (the movies stuck for a moment) and then would continue.

I switched all the movies into .ISO files and they still had the same momentary pauses. No apparent loss of movie segment just this annoying sticking / freezing.

I like the .ISO as they function better in the library. The VOBs showed up with file code names and ended up with thousands of files but I only had under 200 movies. It would be nice if only the folder with the movie name showed up.