Some Thumbgen advice. Background scrolling

Can someone offer me help as to a problem I’m having.
I’ve created a movie sheet for use with Mojo on a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. The background loads fine but then it seems to scroll between the movie sheet and the movie cover art. Why is it doing this??
I’ve looked in the XML file but can’t seem to see anything.
The directory reads as follows (I’ve used Bolt as an E.G):
Bolt (2008).jpg
Bolt (2008).mkv
Bolt (2008).mkv.tgmd
Bolt (2008).xml
Bolt (2008)_cover.jpg
Bolt (2008)_sheet.jpg
Oh, I’m using ThumbGen

Weird, as per your XML data, everything looks OK.

Theres an option in photo settings to stop that problem your having,