Some thoughts on WD Passport Elite

Never seen such a poorly designed, non-intuitive, cumbersome and confusing interface for any peripheral in my life. I spent over three hours with it yesterday, and I’m no closer to unraveling the mystery of this thing.The designers of this software should be shot.

Among the myriad problems with this software:

-Inability to select individual files/folders for backup/monitoring, thereby unnecessarily complicating the restore process, and wasting space on the drive into the bargain (wonder why they did this?) ; ))

-Files seemingly randomly fail to back up; no solution forthcoming from technical support on this particular problem, short of randomly moving the offending files around on your computer (which doesn’t  help, incidentally).

-Inability to determine when a given file was last backed up (important because of the frequent ‘Files not backed up’ error for files)

I’ts discouraging to have a file backup peripheral that you’re afraid to push the ‘Restore’ button on, for fear of what it might do. Will it restore a backup that includes your most recent changes? Or might you lose those, because of a ‘file backup failure’.

This is what happens when you let children design ‘pretty’ interfaces, with no though given to functionality for the end user.