Some thoughts on the My Net 750

Very stable, but USB connections and WIndows get all confused if you try to attach a USB hub with 3-4 drives in each one. Of 7 disks, I got 3, all from the USB2 connection. USB1 gave me no satsifaction at all. None of the USB drives hooked up. I have a combination of USB sticks, USB external spinning disk drives, and full-sized HDs in an external case. An old Linksys router I had with 1 USB port was able to give me at least 6 of them, but I had to replace it with this one, because of a power surge.  I was attracted to the fact that it boasted 2 USB ports.

I can understand if it hoked up one from each port, but I got all three from one port. So, not impressed so far with USB, but for the price the network itself seems pretty stable.

I guess it was designed for only 1 hard drive per USB port.