Some simple questions

…or not…?

Can someone explain to me as if it was to a 6-year old (or make it eight, I am non-English speaking) and step-by-step how to:

remove Smartware and everything that comes with it (such as virtual CD drives and so on…) completely from my computer without any risks and make my MyBook Essential ready to use as a simple external USB-drive?

I do not have a problem with certain files that should remain on the drive, for as long as:

they only need some hundreds of MB’s space (let us say maximum 1 GB);

they do not do anything more than just “being there” (e.g. not trying to install the Smartware again everytime I start my computer…);

they remain on the drive and NOT on my computer

Thanks in advance!


Allow me to share this links from the WD website, here you will have the explanation you are looking for about disabling the VCD