Some questions on My Book Duo (8TB)

first, when i first plugged the drive in, it was in Raid 0 mode and contained a few directories (one for Apple and a few others) and the wizard app for installing the 3 utilities. when i configured the drive for Raid 1, i saw the warning that all data would be lost but i didn’t think that included those initial directories. but it did. so now those directories and wizard app are gone. will i/do i need those directories? i was able to download the installs for the drive utilities and security apps and i already had SmartWare installed for my Passport drive but those directories are gone. if i don’t need them fine but if i do, i’ll need to restore them. can i do that?

second, now that it’s in Raid 1 mode and the main and backup drives are configured, how can i now verify that there actually is data on drive 2 now that i’ve copied data onto drive 1? only drive 1 has a drive letter associated with it so makes me wonder how to access drive 2. similarly, how can i restore from that drive if i needed to?

third, why did i see what looked like a CD drive show up in the drive list in explorer? it had a drive letter, an icon that looked like a padlock and had a volume name of ‘WD Unlock’. what the heck is that and do i even need it? is this Unlock related to the locking you can do by adding/removing a password in the Security app?

any help would be appreciated.

Hello Slipperman, any files that are available for the My Book Duo are in the support download section. It is not necessary to recreate the directories but you can do it manually if you wish. 

My Book Duo Downloads:

If RAID 1 is selected you will only be able to access drive A and all of the data will be copied automatically to drive B. If drive A fails you can continue to access your files in drive B. In case drive A fails you can replace it and then rebuilt the RAID. You can read more information on page 79 of the manual.

The WD Security app is used to password protect access to the My Book Duo, once you setup the password for the My Book Duo the WD Unlock icon will show up to unlock the drive. Check page 47 for instructions on how to setup password protection.

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thx… that pretty much covers everything…