Some questions from France (In english :D)


Sorry for my bad english, i will try to write the most correctly i can!

I have a WD TV Live SMP for 1 month. I put the theme “Black Mamba” and i use ThumbGen to generate xml and jpg.

This theme is beautifull (reflection is great) and work very weell, but i have some littles issues :


  • The Tv show are displayed by the episode’s name, not by #

  • The background which displayed the movie info in the gallery view take some time to appear, and it displayed alternatively the movie info and the movie picture (slide show)


  • For every album i have a folder witch mp3 and a %folder_name%.jpg, but the picture is not displayed on the music gallery.

If someone could help me a little?

Thanks you  :smiley:


I think is better if you ask the questions in the thread for the Black Mamba theme.

Hi doudidou,

In reference to the movie sheet being in slideshow mode, I thnk DeVicious mentioned that it is just part of how the sortware works.

If you go into Preferences Section then click on Photos you can change the time the the image will stay on the screen. Mine was set to 5 seconds but i have changed to 20 seconds so the movie sheet displays for a longer time before it changes to another backdrop/image.

Im not sure on TV shows and music issues yet as i am still working on refining the movie sheet display.

If / when i work it out i will let you know 

Oups sorry, i lost this post ^^

I have got all my response in this thread:

Thanks all :slight_smile: