Some questions about Meta-Data Download Behaviour

Hi all, 

do you guys know how and what METADATA are downloaded from the web ? I just want to have confirmation about what I found out so far. 

  • I have downloaded metadata and ended up with 1 x XML file, 1 x backdrop directory and 1 x metathumb file per movie 

  • When I deleted the backdrop (as I do not want them to show up) they started to download again as there are obviously instructions in the XML file 

  • When I deleted the respective lines I was there and finally only the metadata showed up and the thumbnail 

But now two questions: 

  • In the XML file, there are paths mentioned where the WD Box should download the backdrop files. Do you know if the Box is still downloading them every time, although they are already on the drive in the backdrop folder ? 

  • If the backdrop instructions are deleted in the XML file and the I have set the METADATA Download to “manual” -> are there any things still downloaded at all ? 

Oh yeah - there’s one additional question (but this is optional) -> in the standard setup there is a black backdrop when you are browsing through the video files (where the backdrops are coming if they are downbloaded) -> As I don’t use them, there is now this black backdrop and I would prefer to have just the standard background image which looks better to me ? 

Is there a chance to modify the standard theme to show the standard background image also when browsing the movies ? 

Many thanks for your responses, Max 

The BACKDROPS aren’t actually considered metadata.  The metadata is ENTIRELY XML-based, and that is what is imported in the MEDIA LIBRARY database.

I think the backdrops will ONLY download if you use the GALLERY view, or as you said, if you remove the “BACKDROP” tags from the XML files.

If they’re already downloaded, it won’t repeat the downloads.

If you already have XML files, the behavior of CONTENT INFO collection is different; it won’t go to the internet to re-download the metadata; it will just use the existing XML.   That’s assuming the metadata hasn’t already been imported into the media library database.

Forgive me if I butcher the terminology, but is there any kind of tool we can run on the PC to generate and view the movie sheets?  This metadata stuff is completely new to me and I’m having a hard time getting my head around it.  I also can’t tell how to install a custom theme (or even find one) and back up the default theme.  I thought maybe the web interface had more options, but there was just an upload button with no way to back up the default configuration.

There’s several tools out there, but I’m not familiar with them … never used them.   I think they’re called “HubGen” and “ThumbGen.”  Search for those terms and you’ll find more details.

There is, as you noted, no way to back up the default (Mochi) theme, but it can be restored by doing a system reset.

There’s a couple of themes for the SMP, like Mojo.   There’s a thread here about that:

Mojo supports the moviesheets, and I think that thread describes how to create the sheets themselves.