Some of my files aren't playing on the mediaplayer. help!

So i have a couple of files that the video compression is XVID. they show on my WD media player but it says to consult the user manual on how to convert the file. The files aren’t even over 1GB so i don’t think that’s the problem

so i am wondering if there is any thing to add to the WD media player (that I do not have to go out and buy) or if there is a program that will convert the files so that they will play on the device.

I really don’t know much about the machine. my ex boyfriend used to do all the stuff on it to make it work properly and we aren’t on speaking terms so I can’t even call him to ask him how to do it.

I am not even sure what firmware update I have because the ex was the one to do this stuff.

and I tried downloading the Current Firmware – 1.03.01 (11/2009) for the first generation WD TV and it won’t download it brings me to a page saying there was an error.

help please

Have a look at the label on the side and see what WDTV you actually have. You can also look at the internal setting menu under ‘about’. 

I know it’s an WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 1) and i just went to the about section and I have firmware version 1.03.01

so i guess that’s the newest update and now I am getting a message saying my portlable drive won’t aggregate.

This is the forum for the WD Live and Live Plus player – you might want to post your question on the WD HD player forum where there are folks more knowledgable about it.