Some of my computers can't see my Shares

I have a several-year-old MyCloud drive, with several Shares. I have 3 computers, all running Windows 10. One of the computers has always been (and still is) able to see my Shares (in File Explorer), associated with the drive letters that I assigned to the Shares years ago - they show up under “This PC”. The second computer USED to be able to see the same, but now can no longer do so. The third computer is new (still setting it up), and does not see the Shares either. All 3 computers can see the drive in its restricted form - i.e., just Music, Photos, and Videos. I’ve tried mapping to a drive letter, but when I click Browse, nothing about the MyCloud drive shows up to map to. Of course, I may have had to jump thru some hoops when I originally set up the Shares … but that was years ago, so I have no memory of it. Nor have I been able to find any help via the Internet, including on the WD site. Thanks for any help.

A recent Windows 10 update changed the SMB discovery method to one that isn’t supported by MyCloud (or many other NAS). I’d check your Windows versions; I suspect the one that is working either hasn’t updated, or is using the old mappings.

You should be able to examine to drive mappings in the computer that still has access, and enter the path manually when you map network drives on the other computers. Make sure you enter the same MyCloud user credentials for every share you map (another common Windows gotcha).

Search the forum for the discovery problem. e.g.

That did the trick! - entered the Share/Folder names manually, and got instant gratification!

Don’t know about the connection with recent Windows 10 updates. My computer which still had access to the Shares is running the same version of Windows as my new computer: Build 16299, though one is Home and the other is Pro. (The third computer is running a newer version: Build 17134 (and it’s Home)).

Thanks again!