Some notes on Network speed, fw 2.2.9

There has been many reactions to the 2.2.9 FW.  Many experience very slow transfer speed.  I came from 2.1.92 and had the opposite experience, getting almost 100% better.

However, I’ve been grokking a bit.  First I looked at the Samba Configuration and did some changes:

After changes:


read raw = yes
write raw = yes

 (smb.conf contains much more, of course)

Before changes:

socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=65536 SO_SNDBUF=65536

My tests indicate +1MB/s on read, +0.5MB/s on write with the altered /etc/samba/smb.conf.  For me that is 10MB/s when reading from SS, and 8,5MB/s when writing.

I notice smbd (Samba) uses almost all CPU and 2/3 of memory.  Anyway -  the performance is not good.  I believe WD should carefully consider how to tweak Samba.  I’m sure other tweaks and tunings are possible.

Anyway - I tried FTP and got very different results:

Download: 13.5 MB/s

Upload: 17.5 MB/s  (yes, writing actually much faster than reading!)

So at least - when reading or writing in bulk, use FTP.

And actually, mapping an FTP site directly into Explorer is easy in Windows.  I found an easy howto here:

CyberNotes: Map a FTP to a Drive in Windows

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Thanks for the useful info!