Some movies show - others do not

Just purchased WD live - sharing via a ps3 - I added four movies to the shared videos folder - all in .mkv format - only 3 of the four show up - any ideas why this would happen? Thank you!

I know that PS3 doesn’t support .mkv files, so that could be the problem. You can also click on the rescan option for the Twonky server.

But it plays the other mkv videos… What gives?

I have had the same thing happen with MP4 files. Have you tried another media player to see if it shows all of your files? That would narrow it down.

MKV is only a container. You should try to investigate codecs within and bitrates. Do you have problems with video or audio? What info gives you PS3 when trying to play such films? Check PS3’s manual for video format playback capabilities.

All of the videos have a codec of H.264, i believe … I am using handbrake to store them on the WD. I make two copies, one an MP4 and another an MKV. I may have been mixing them up. I completely deleted the one particular movie that would not show up and ripped them again. I will be checking later if it worked. All of the other videos were in MP4 format, so i misspoke when i said MKV.

I will check the PS3. Given the above, if all things are equal and i do rip the movie as an MP4, it should theoretically play on the PS3, yes? Any other underlying reasons why it would not?

I’d just as soon as get rid of the PS3, but i still have a need to play physical dvd’s … I imagine WD does not offer any products that simply play DVD’s ?

Yes, PS3 should play MP4 without an issue.

Yes, WD does have a couple products that are just for playing media. WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub. They will pretty much play any format… there is a forum for them here if you are interested in more info.

I have them both and like the WD TV Live better. It does not have a built in hard drive, but the UI is more responsive and you can always plug a USB one into it…or just stream from your NAS.

Thanks - I am still reading about them - my question to you is where do you watch physical DVDs? If you watch them at all - I subscribe to netlix as I like to see the most recent releases - their streaming services just do not have the titles I am looking for.

I use Netflix as well, and a little of Hulu. I agree, the quality is not great. I have ripped all of my DVDs though, and that is where I get my high quality movies. It is a lot more convenient to have them ripped, and it backs them up at the same time.