Some movies are missing thumbnails

Hello - Some of the movies in my WD Live Media Player are missing movie thumbnails (movie posters). A majority of the movies have thumbnails and I am puzzled why some thumbnails are missing. I am using a 2tb hard drive connected directly to the media player. The movies file names are correctly spelled when I view the file in the properties tab. However for some reason the media player did not download an associated xml or metathumb files. Does anyone have a suggestion how I can fix this problem.

Scroll through the list and when highlighting the movie, press OPTIONS on the remote, then select “Get Content Info.”

And if that fails … then the only solution is to manually create an xml and thumbnail for the missing movies.

movie.metathumb (create a jpeg thumbnail and change the extension from .jpg to .metathumb)
(and or just create a movie.jpg)

format inside the xml which the OP can fill in the missing data.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Thank you for your help. I appreciate your response. Sounds complicated but I will give it

a try.

thanks for your help. I will definitely give this a try.

It’s not complicated.

Example for “The Dark Knight” movie

For the thumbnail … download any poster image resize it to 300x400 save it as jpg under 100kb

The Dark Knight.jpg … copy it, and rename the copy to The Dark Knight.metathumb

For the xml file … on a windows PC right click and select “New Text Document” … copy and paste the code from my previous post into it … fill in the blanks < >between the tags<>

close and save it as … The Dark Knight.txt … then rename it to The Dark Knight.xml

then finally … plonk all of them onto the 2tb hard drive

The Dark Knight.mkv
The Dark Knight.jpg
The Dark Knight.metathumb
The Dark Knight.xml

… and if they still don’t display, clear and rebuild the database and the wdtv will pick them up when finished.

WOW you really are good. Are you a teacher? Thank you so much for explaining with simple to understand instructions. Now I know how to fix the problem. Thank you again

It worked it worked it worked. You are the new king of the world. Thanks so much