Some movies are missing thumbnails

Hello - Some of the movies in my WD Live Media Player are missing movie thumbnails (movie posters). A majority of the movies have thumbnails and I am puzzled why some thumbnails are missing. I am using a 2tb hard drive connected directly to the media player. The movies file names are correctly spelled when I view the file in the properties tab. However for some reason the media player did not download an associated xml or metathumb files. Does anyone have a suggestion how I can fix this problem.

Scroll through the list and when highlighting the movie, press OPTIONS on the remote, then select “Get Content Info.”

And if that fails … then the only solution is to manually create an xml and thumbnail for the missing movies.

movie.metathumb (create a jpeg thumbnail and change the extension from .jpg to .metathumb)
(and or just create a movie.jpg)

format inside the xml which the OP can fill in the missing data.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Thank you for your help. I appreciate your response. Sounds complicated but I will give it

a try.

thanks for your help. I will definitely give this a try.

It’s not complicated.

Example for “The Dark Knight” movie

For the thumbnail … download any poster image resize it to 300x400 save it as jpg under 100kb

The Dark Knight.jpg … copy it, and rename the copy to The Dark Knight.metathumb

For the xml file … on a windows PC right click and select “New Text Document” … copy and paste the code from my previous post into it … fill in the blanks < >between the tags<>

close and save it as … The Dark Knight.txt … then rename it to The Dark Knight.xml

then finally … plonk all of them onto the 2tb hard drive

The Dark Knight.mkv
The Dark Knight.jpg
The Dark Knight.metathumb
The Dark Knight.xml

… and if they still don’t display, clear and rebuild the database and the wdtv will pick them up when finished.

WOW you really are good. Are you a teacher? Thank you so much for explaining with simple to understand instructions. Now I know how to fix the problem. Thank you again

It worked it worked it worked. You are the new king of the world. Thanks so much

You don’t need to jump through all those hoops to create thumbs and xml files. Just download Thumbgen. The tool is free and can scan your movies and download files. It even has a WDTV setting to make life easier.

Thumbgen and WDTV Thumbgen have been discontinued for years. (since around 2016)

Even if you find a version to download it’s unlikely the TV and Movie scrapers will still work because websites change their API’s all the time.

I’ve been running Kodi on Raspberry Pi and have had to update the TVDB and TMDB scrapers several times since 2016 … so it’s unlikely that media scraping software(Thumbgen) from 3~4 years ago will still function how it used to.

It was still working for me through last year. But I haven’t tried since making the jump to Shield.