Some MKV 's stutter while on USB Drive

Hello, to start I know there are tons of MKV issues on this message board, but I couldn’t find any relating to MKV’s stuttering while directly playing from a USB external drive. Not all the MKV’s I have, have issues with stuttering but there are several. They play perfectly when played on both my iMac and MacBook Pro, but when they are on the drive connected directly to the WD TV player they stutter. The audio is good and plays through without pausing, just the picture. The picture seems to start to pixelate a little then a lot, then just pauses…then catches up and does the same thing, over and over. I tried 2 different external drives and had the same issues. Any ideas?

Strange. I guess check that the files are within the MKV spec for WDTV.

Try the other usb port.

Sorry, havent heard of that problem before, maybe re-encode the files again?

Maybe it’s simply the speed/defragmentation of the stick being maxed out by some MKVs bitrate. I experienced something similar with my DVD standalone that has an USB2 port. Despite my stick reading with 5 MB/s attached to my PC simple AVIs with a much lower bitrate stuttered when played back from the stick. The same AVI played back from a 2,5" HDD attached to the standalone had not stutter at all.

Thanks for the reply(s). I use external 500gig drives to store my TV shows and play from directly connected to the WDbox, which I would imagine would be a little more robust in handling MKVs as opposed to a jump drive…but what do I know lol! Is there software out there that can take an exisiting MKV and re-export with a slower framerate? and if so what would be a suitable framerate.

Don’t waste your time on reencoding to worse quality, simply put it on a HDD an be done with it.